The San Gabriel Mountains feature many picturesque and challenging climbs. Glendora Mountain Road (GMR to locals) in the Angeles National Forest ranks among the most popular climbs in Southern California. GMR poses a varying pitch between 4.5 - 6.5 percent with a dizzying array of corners, as it twists and turns up the mountainside. The course is 4.25 Miles long with a total elevation gain of 1257 ft.

Frank G Bonelli Regional Park looks like an island of green-space in the sea of commercial and residential development. Activities at the park include many competitive sports such as road and mountain bicycle races, triathlons, street luge, and jet-ski races. As a green-space the park serves as a great place for more leisurely activities, such as fishing, Boating, and picnicking. The San Dimas Stage Race features a rolling to hilly circuit on roads that surround and bisect the park. The race course terrain makes this course a challenge for all riders: bigger riders face the daunting climb up Cannon that has a 13-percent kicker; once over that climb, the smaller climbers must hang on as the course is flat and fast for the next couple of miles. Every rider looks to the rollers through the park to even out some of those differences in rider size and ability. To master this stage requires a solid all around riding style. Bottom line: anyone can get dropped on this tough circuit, so everyone better bring their A-game.

The City of San Dimas has welcomed racers into their town for one of the hardest criteriums in Southern California. The Grand Prix course starts on the streets of historic Old Town San Dimas with its western themes before a right turn into the downtown neighborhood. The course careens racers through six corners and three long three long straight-aways. The long slightly downhill section enables incredible speeds into the righthand corner and onto the finish straightaway. Racers and spectators alike will enjoy one of the highest speed races in Southern California.

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